The People's Plan

Changing The Way Our Cities Are Designed

We want to transform the process of ‘engagement’ to one of authentic partnership – to initiate site design by first increasing the capacity of the resident community recognizing, leveraging, and enhancing the already existing assets and initiatives in a place. This reparative capacity building approach, in its most elaborate, protracted form, intends to redress the structural inequities of the present and past and result in a comprehensive, living, People’s Plan that becomes a more effective starting point for the complex process of our collective adaptation to living in an uncertain climate.

What is a People's Plan?

A People’s Plan is a living (adaptive), iterative container to hold and convey the expression of the rationalized intentions, aspirations of a community of place. It looks like a collection of maps and documents that records the assets, risks, issues, and strategies to move elements in place and time to celebrate what is beloved in community and address challenges and problems. 

A People’s Plan is especially relevant to communities who have not regularly participated in municipal general or specific planning due to structural discrimination and oppression. 

The strategies in a People’s Plan might include solution forms related to housing, infrastructure, landscape management, and land use in general. In the era of climate change, People’s Plans will be more and more focused on addressing risks to resilience including sea level rise, extreme storm events, fires, famines and chronic stressors related to lack of affordable housing, economic opportunity, and mobility.

For the Whole Bay Area and Beyond

During the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge, we partnered with Shore Up Marin and ran a pilot of the People’s Planning process in Marin City. While we continue to develop and support Marin City, we want to share what we have done with the whole Bay Area and help each community develop their own plans.

Let's Build a Movement

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